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Thiruvaaimozhi 6.3- Ponnappan, MaNiappan, Mutthappam, thanoppaarilappan!

Sri V. Madhavakkannan (


In the last decad, AzhwAr was angry at the Lord for not turning up so long and refused to let him be with "her" and asked Him to go away. Emperumaan showed His Divine exquisite beauty and His suffering too (being away from ParAngusa nAyaki) and appeased her. AzhwAr is surprised pleasantly at her transformation and how she was flabbergasted by Emperumaan's such Great guNA of making things that are opposite to each other join and merge like this. (i.e. She was angray a minute ago and now, she has fallen for Him). He shows her and tells "Even the ones that do not like me get transformed and change. See." and shows her the vruttha vibhUti gathvam. (i.e The One who has within Himself as His wealth and belonging -all that is contradictory to each other).

All contradictory things become one within Him and in front of Him. That is vruttha vibhUti gathvam. He is there in everything. That is Emperumaan's beauty. His greatness. AzhwAr sings His such most beautiful, wonderful guNA that is housed in ThiruviNNagaraan. (than Oppaarilappan).

Here AzhwAr narrates Emperumaan's sarvAdhipathya SarvEshwarathvam. He explains His Parathvam.

1. nalkuravum selvum* narakum suvarkkamumaay*
velpagaiyum natpum* vidamum amuthamumaay*
palvagaiyum parandha* perumaan ennai aaLvaanai*
selvam malgu_kudi* thiru viNNagar kandEnE*.(2) 6.3.1

Various matters that are contradictory and opposite to each other- in all of them Emperumaan resides and manifests. The Poverty and the riches; The hell and The heaven; The enmity and the friendship; The pioson and the amirtham (nectar); - like that all that is opposite to each other in nature- in all that Emperumaan is there. In order to capture me and rule me, for me, He is majestically appearing at ThiruviNNagar, where (Spritually) wealthy families live. (like Our dearest Sri SadagOpan, who hails from this place.) (NampiLLai expalins beautifully: why AzhwAr wishes to sing His vruttha vibhUti gathvam? because: the prince not only visits his father's palace and feels proud, but also visits the big, huge, terrifying prisons which also belong to his father and feels graet about his father.- what an enjoyment!)

2. kanda inpam thunpam* kalakkangaLum thERRamumaay*
thandamum thaNmaiyum* thazhalum nizhalumaay*
kandu kOtaRkariya* perumaan ennai aaLvaanoor*
then thiraip punalsoozh* thiruviNNagar nannagarE*. 6.3.2

The sorrows and pleasure that one experiences in this world are all Emperumman only. The confusion and worry (that comes due to our not getting something that we wish) and the satisfaction (that we obtain by accomplishing what we desire) is all He alone. The anger and the cool (mind) is He. Is that alone? He is the One who gives so much heat while simultaneously He is the One who cools as a shadow.(like what He was during NrusimhAvataar as agni to HiranYakasipu and the cool moon to Prahlaada). Like that Emperumaan who is there in such opposite things is A RARITY to be understood and seen. He is the One who rules me. that ruler of mine stays gracefully at ThiruviNNagarm. (Periyavaacchaan PiLLai interprest the confusion and worry as the anjnAnam (ignorance) and the satisfcation as the jnAnam (divine knowledge)). (Here AzhwAr says in this "kaNdu kOdarkaRiya Perumaan" -means the One who is not possible to be seen, while in the last pAsuram, he says "palvagaiyum parandha perumaan" means: The One who manifests in everything. i.e: Ther is nothing in which He does NOT exist. If there is an object or any matter, He is in that.)

3. nagaramum naatugaLum* NYaanamum mootamumaay*
nigarilsoozh sudaraay iruLaay* nNilaNnaay visumpaay*
sigara maatangaL soozh* thiruviNNagarch chErndhapiraan*
pugargoL keerththiyallaal illai* yaavarkkum puNNiyamE*. 6.3.3

People who live in cities, those who live in suburbs, - He exists in all of them uniformly. He alone is the jnAnam; and the ignorance as well. He is the unbounded, light that spans everywhere. He is the darkness as well. The earth is His form and so is the sky, His form. Such Lord, The One who is there in all such opposite kinds, is there beautifully showing Himself at ThiruviNNagar. There is NO OTHER MEANS FOR ANY ONE EXCEPT (talikg about) His Brightest Illuminating KalyANa guNAs. Is He NOT our Protector and Saviour for our redemption?

4. puNNiyam paavam* puNarchchi pirivu enRivaiyaay*
eNNamaay maRappaay* uNmaiyaay inmaiyaay allanaay*
thiNNamaatangaL soozh* thiruviNNagarch chErndhapiraan*
kaNNanin aruLE* kandu koNmiNngaL kaithavamE*. 6.3.4

The puNNyams and paapams (virtues and sins) are all pointing at Him only. The fruits of puNNyam (the enjoyment and being together) and of paapam (the separation) are all His forms, too. He alone is our permanent thinking on our objects of desire and our (intentionally) forgetting what we do not like. To be and Not to be is He. THIS BHAGAWAAN ALONE is not bound by karmAs. He is the Lord, who is so beautifully standing at ThiruviNNagara Divya kshEthram.

5. kai thavam semmai* karumai veLumaiyumaay*
meypoy iLamai* mudhumai pudhumai pazhamaiyumaay*
seythathiN mathiLsoozh* thiruviNNagarch chErndhapiraan*
peythagaavu kandeer* perundhEvudai moovulagE*. 6.3.5

Dishonesty and Honesty is all His vibhUtis; He is both DARK and WHITE. (Dark Cloudy hued Colour on the white Milky Ocean). Truths, lies; Youth, Old age; Ancient, Modern- they all is He. All three worlds as the three gardens are being taken care of by Him, The ThiruviNNagaraan, who stays at this Divya sthalam so gracefully. (The Directors, and that which is being directed by them- like BrahmA, Sivan, Indran, et al are all under His control.)

6. moovulagaNGgaLumaay* allanaay ugappaay munivaay*
poovil vaazh magaLaay* thavvaiyaayp pukazhaay pazhiyaay*
thEvar mEviththozhum* thiruviNNagarch chErndhapiraan*
paaviyEn manaththE* uRaikinRa paranchudarE*. 6.3.6

Emperumaan has got all three worlds under control. The Parama Padham, which is different from these three worlds - for that also, He alone is the Chief. He is the One who is both anger as well as Happiness. He is The One who is both SrIdEvi, and mUdEvi. He is the One who is both fame as well as notoriety. He stands at ThiruviNNagar, where even dEvAs come to greet Him with utmost respects and pay obeisance to Him. SUCH GREATEST SHINING LIGHT IS ALSO STAYING IN THIS SINNER'S HEART ALWAYS.

7. paranchudar udampaay* azhukku pathiththa udampaay*
karandhum thOnRiyum nNinRum* kai thavangaL seyyum* viNNOr-
sirangaLaal vaNangum* thiruviNNagarch chErndha piraan*
varangoL paadhamallaal illai* yaavarkkum van_saraNE*. 6.3.7

Emperumaan, has got the Suddha satva, illuminating, Shining, body (with no binding to Prakritti). He is also the same one who has the tri-guNa (satva, raja, tamO guNa bounded by Prakritti maNdalam) filled world as His body. He alone is the antharyaami in all these things as well as those things themselves (in which He resides). (A simple definition of VishishtAdvaitA). He shows Himself in those lives living in the world. He is the One who took avataars as Rama and KrishNA, and others. He stays in such avataars for ages after ages. (means: HE STILL EXISTS AS RAAMAA AND KRISHNAA AND OTHER AVATAARS). He is the One who misleads people by NOT letting them know His nature and guNAs fully. HE IS THE ONE WHO IS AT THIRUVINNAGAR, who is worshipped by BrahmA, and other dEvAs. HIS LOTUS FEET ARE THE ONLY MEANS FOR OUR REFUGE. There is nothing else, but His Feet, that can enable us reach the shores (of samsaaric ocean). (ThiruvaLLuvar says: PiRavip perungadal neendhuvar neendhaar iRaivan adi sEraadhaar- means: Those who reach His Feet, will be able to cross the Ocean of births; Those who don't will NOT.)

8. van_saraN surarkkaay* asurarkku veNGkooRRamumaay*
than_saraN nizhaRkeezh* ulagam vaiththum vaiyaathum*
then_saraN thisaikkuth* thiruviNNagarch chErndha piraan*
en_saraN en kaNNan* ennaiyaaLudai ennappanE* 6.3.8

Bhagawaan, gave the protection and refuge for dEvAs, while He became the yamA for rAkshasAs. He is The One who has His bhaktAs under the shadow of His Lotus Feet and HE DOES NOT KEEP THOSE WHO ARE NOT HIS BHAKTAS UNDER HIS LOTUS FEET. He is appearing gracefully at ThiruviNNagar. The One who supports me gives me asylum, My Perumaan, KaNNa Perumaan is My Father.

9. ennappan enakkaay ikuLaay* ennaip peRRavaLaay*
ponnappan maNiyappan* muththappan en appanumaay*
minnap pon mathiLsoozh* thiru viNNagarch chErndha appan*
thannoppaar illappan* thandhanaNn thanathaaL nNizhalE*.(2) 6.3.9

(An excellent pAsuram, so sweet, so lovely) Emeprumaan is my appan (father). He is also my sevilitthaay (baby sitter?) and my Mother as well. He is My Father , who is my Gold, My Pearl, My "maNi" (the pupil of my eye). he is The One who is at ThiruviNNagar, surronded by big Golden ramparts. THERE IS ABSLOUTELY NONE EQUAL TO HIM. (He is oppaaril appan- oppiliappan). Such Great Lord has granted me the shadow of His Lotus Feet for my redemption. There is no other means for me except taking refuge under His Feet.

10. nizhalveyil siRumai perumai* kuRumai nedumaiyumaay*
suzhalvana nNiRpana* maRRumaay avai allanumaay*
mazhalai vaazh vanduvaazh* thiruviNNagar mannupiraan*
kazhalgaL anRi* maRROr kaLai_kaNilam kaaNmiNngaLE*. 6.3.10

The shadow, the scorching heat (from the sun), is all His forms only. Magnanimity, Cheap (mentality); lengthening and shortening (our lives) is all He. He alone is the One who is "janghmam" as well as "sthAvaram" (moving and non-moving). The changes that one gets during their lives- He is not at all bound by such changes or karmAs. Such Greatest Bhagawaan is there at ThiruviNNagar. There is NO REDEPTION or SUPPORT for me, except His Lotus Feet. Please see those Feet.

11. kaaNmiNngaL ulageer! enRu* kaNmugappE nNimirndha*
thaaLiNaiyan dhannaik* kurugoorchh sadagOpan sonna*
aaNai aayiraththuth * thiruviNNagarp paththum vallaar*
kONaiyinRi viNNOrkku* enRumaavar kuravargaLE*.(2) 6.3.11

"Oh Guys! See!" and He raised His Feet to the entire haight and length of universe during His Trivikramaavataar and asked us to see His Lotus Feet. They came right in front of eyes for us to see. (We need not even make any extra effort to see. Those Feet grew right in front. "kaN mugappE nimirntha". What an enjoyment!. - "Swami Desikan says : O Ranganaatha PaadhukhE ! During the occasion of Maha Bali's injusticeto the DevAs , you participated in the incidents of TrivikramAvathAram. You grew with your Lord's Lotus foot and shot upward into the sky. When the left foot of the Lord speeded up with explosive velocity ,at that time , Brahma washed with great reverence your Lord's sacred foot as well as yourself firmly attached to that left foot . There was not enough water however to wash the growing foot . The naadham emanating from the rapid upward sanchAram of your Lord"s left foot spread all over the universe and removed the fears of the DevAs about Maha Bali permanently.

About Such Parama kAruNikO bhagawaan, Emperumaan - NaamAzhwAr Thirukkurugoor SadagOpar has sung 1000 pAsurams. Out of thoese 1000, readers of these ten, which are sung on ThiruviNNagarappan, than oppaaril appan, oppiliappan, will be respected even by NityasuRis.
Ram Ram
NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan




sriyah kaanthayaa kalyaanaa nithayEr nithayErththinam
srimath vyOma pureesaaya srinivasaaya mangalam

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