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Lord Oppiliappan, the main deity, blesses one and all, with His "Panchaavataram" or five forms,viz. Hema (Ponnappan), Muktha (Mutthappan), Mani (Maniappan), Vyoma Pureesan (VinNagarappan) and Matpathi (Ennappan).

theerththam: ahOraathra pushkarNi, saarNga theerththam, aarthi, pushkarNi, soorya theerththam, indhira theerththam
thirumugam: East facing
vimaaNam: sudhdha, aananda, sudhdha saththva, vishNu

Sri Poundrika Puram ashram aandavans have done enormous thoNdu or service for this Lord. The 43 rd Jeer known as thEvanaar vilaakam jeer is attached to this temple and is known as Oppiliappan kOil saarnthi Jeer. The temple has chithra thiruppavai printed on the wall.


Moolavar: Than oppillathavan Oppiliappan
Thaayar : Bhoomidevi thayar
Uthsavar: Than oppillathavan Oppiliappan (the same Name as perumaaL)

Prathyaksham/kaatchi kaNdavar:
(i.e. One who prayed to the Lord at this kshetram and obtained His blessing and had His Darshan as well)
1. Garudan
2. Kauveri
3. MaarkaNdEya muni
4. Nammaazhwaar


Vahanas are splendid mounts, which are used at festival times for taking the utsava vigrahas (deities) in procession.

Special Events

Sravanam days of every month, bramhOtsavam, thEr in panguni and kalyaan uthsavam in Ippsi and thoppam in thai maasam (month).

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